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Edge Sports "Mr Goalie" Hockey Shooting Target- Black Background
Available in 3 model sizes. Design varies slightly depending on model.
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This is our most durable hockey shooting target made of 40 oz. nylon re-enforced vinyl.
This target helps a shooter drill the spots goalies find so hard to defend. Made for use in tough, ice hockey environments. The die cut target is constructed of 40oz nylon re-enforced vinyl that absorbs the shock of the puck when the shooter fails to score. Fastens quickly to the netting with heavy hooks, our wrap around design eliminates strap damage and loss.  Steel bar along the base keeps the target straight.

Goal frame not included 

  • Made of 40oz. nylon re-enforced vinyl. Stays flexible at - 40 degrees F

  • Made to fit 6' x 4' standard goals. Installs in seconds

  • Steel bar along the bottom keeps target straight. Pucks can't pass

  • Designed for use with ice or roller hockey pucks

  • Realistic full size goalie graphic image

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