Skate Fenders - Full Pro
Skate Fenders - Full Pro
Manufacturer Name: Skate Fender
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  • FULL PRO Skate Fenders have been in use for the past four seasons. They are game tested and proven effective at all levels of play from the NHL to local rinks. The popularity of the FULL PROs continues to grow.

  • FULL PRO Skate Fenders are worn by players seeking maximum foot protection from impact injuries.

  • FULL PROs are made of high quality polycarbonate that has proven strong, impact resistant and highly effective in protecting the vulnerable areas of hockey player's feet.

  • FULL PROs cover all vital areas of the foot, while remaining easy to put on and take off with simple hook and loop strap attachments.

  • FULL PROs have, for the past 4 years, been improved in design and function while cost has been kept affordable.

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