Goalie BladeTape Hockey Tape
Goalie BladeTape Hockey Tape
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BladeTape Hockey Tape

BladeTape® is a revolutionary, patented lightweight alternative to traditional cloth hockey stick tape. BladeTape® utilizes a rubber surface material with simple peel 'n' stick technology that easily applies to both the front and back faces of your hockey stick blade.

You'll get durability (up to 15 games or more), improved stick handling, and a better 'feel' for the puck.

Available in your choice of 10 colors!

Easy Peel & Stick Goalie BladeTape Installation .  .  .

BladeTape Hockey Tape Installation - Step 1 1. PREPARING THE BLADE

Make sure blade surface is clean and dry. If installing on an old blade ensure blade is free of burrs, cracks etc. by removing or sanding smooth. Remove all old tape debris and residue. Ensure both blade and BladeTape are at, or above room temperature. Best application and performance is achieved if installed the night before the game. Lay BladeTape on clean table surface to determine fit. If necessary, cut/trim BladeTape with scissors prior to removal of the adhesive backing paper. Re-test and adjust as necessary.

BladeTape Hockey Tape Installation - Step 2 2. PREPARING THE BLADETAPE

Peel away BladeTape from the adhesive backing paper completely by using the pull tab.

BladeTape Hockey Tape Installation - Step 3 3. INSTALLING THE BLADETAPE

Apply BladeTape onto the blade working from center lower edge and working outward in both directions. Minimize air pockets. Re-lift and apply as required to eliminate any air pockets. There is no need to stretch the BladeTape as you place it on your blade. Maintain an 1/8" (3mm) clearance from the bottom of the blade for best performance life. When satisfied BladeTape is positioned properly, press firmly in place with warm hand pressure. Frequently Asked Questions

Willie Mitchell of the Vancouver Canucks endorses Blade Tape  .  .  .


  • Fast and easy application

  • Enhanced durability (up to 15 games or more)

  • Improved stick handling

  • Better grip on the puck

  • Less friction

  • Less snow and ice accumulation

  • Choose from 10 colors

BladeTape Hockey Tape

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