LogoArt Hockey Charm: Hockey Jersey 3/4 Inch - 2 Sided
LogoArt Hockey Charm: Hockey Jersey 3/4 Inch - 2 Sided
Item Number: GS175
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Number stamped on Jersey

Enter the number you wish to have stamped on the jersey here. If you wish to have the jersey remain blank, please enter, "no number desired" in this box.
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Available in 14KT gold, 10KT gold, gold plated and sterling silver.

This item may be customized with any 2 digit number you wish. Please enter customization information below.

Sterling silver and gold plated charms are rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing.

Each item is manufactured using expensive metal molds and injected plastic patterns to give repeatable and highly detailed castings. Then, each piece is hand filed and polished to give it a handsome finish. Jewelry will take 7 - 10 business days to manufacture and will be shipped upon completion.

Many designs are available as lapel pins, tie tacks, cufflinks, earrings, money clips, key chains, key rings, business card holders, toe rings, and signet rings. Please email or call for information.