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Hockey TapeSince 1998, American Hockey Center and Attitude Arcade have proudly provided the highest quality hockey tape possible. Our tape is used by individuals, teams, leagues, schools, pro shops and municipalities. American Hockey Center will assure you that the tape that you buy will meet or exceed your expectations. Whether you are buying for an entire league, a team, or one player, we offer a pricing level that will save you money on hockey tape.

Shopping Tips:

Pay attention to size Beware of some stores that commonly sell only smaller sizes in an attempt to appear to be price competitive. If you purchase 30 rolls of 1 inch X 25 yards, you will get 150 yards less than if you were to purchase 30 rolls of 1 inch X 30 yards. This is the equivalent of 6 fewer rolls!

- With so many different sizes available, it can be confusing to compare prices. Use our Hockey Tape Cost Calculator to determine what you are actually paying per square foot.

Pay attention to shipping costs  Beware of some stores that charge very high shipping costs for large orders.
The highest shipping cost we will charge for any tape order is $16.57.

Pay attention to the deals for large quantities  For teams, associations, resellers and leagues that buy in large quantities, we offer quantity pricing. Be sure to check out our "Bulk Pricing Charts".

Pay attention to the deals for smaller quantities  For individuals that buy smaller quantities, our ValuPaks offer the best hockey tape deals.

We provide only the highest quality from the most popular and reliable tape manufacturers in North America . . .

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