Softball Earrings (Team Colors)
Perfect for youth and adult players and fans. Available in all school and/or team colors for all sports! If you don't see your colors or sport, please let us know and we will add them.

These hand made softball earrings feature superior quality fire polished translucent glass beads. Fire polished beads from the Czech Republic are made in small quantities by hand and machine faceted then "polished" by carefully melting the beads ever so slightly in huge ovens so that surfaces and edges smooth out. This process gives the beads their distinctive brilliance. The fire used to create these sparkling little treasures seems to radiate from within the bead itself. Fire polish beads contain no lead. Colors and dye lots of fire polished glass beads may vary slightly.

Earrings includes 2 lead free three dimensional pewter softball charms with fine detail and eloquent finish. Unlike other charms that tarnish or fade over time, pewter retains its finish and beauty.

Earring hooks are surgical steel to eliminate skin and ear sensitivity and to ensure a comfortable fit.

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